Technical Partner

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Become a Partner

Artica Tech is always looking for partners around the world.

If you are a VAR or a VAD, a system integrator or even a service provider and you would like to provide professional and high performance solutions to companies of all sizes, please complete the request form at the bottom of the page.

Our strategy :

Our solutions are installed, maintained and supported by a carefully selected network of skilled partners.

Our value :

Artica Tech has developped a product which simplifies administrative tasks for customers wanting to use Open Source solutions (Squid,Postfix...)

The proximity and the professionalism of our partners ensure that the end users receives an excellent level of services.

Benefits and Opportunities

Why choose Artica ?

We can provide your customers with an all-inclusive solution, coming entirely from an Open Source Community, with a user-friendly web interface.
Our price is attractive and not disincentive to investment.

All installation services and support levels 1 and 2 are delivered by our Partners, which enable you to keep control of the relationship with your customer.

By opting for our co-branding or white-label solution, you can provide your customer with your own all-inclusive solution.

The following chart provides you an overview of each partnership level:

  Authorized Gold Platinum
Turnover N/A >10K€/year > 25K€/year
New customers N/A 15/year 30/year
Leads N/A No Yes
Sales help N/A Yes Yes
Technical help N/A Yes Yes
Installation Partner Partner Partner
Support Partner Partner Partner
Discount N% N+15% N+30%

The partnership level is evaluated according to turnover, technical skills and commercial investment.
Artica solutions are easy to sell because they respond to the basic end-users needs, particularly for those on a limited budget.

Leads generated by Artica are systematically distributed to our Partners according to the level of certification, sales investment, and as per the customer's wishes.

In cases where leads are generated by partners, we guarantee our partners a higher level of commission.

Artica Tech can help our Partners with sales development.
We are able to provide you with sales training which can be done by telephone or on-site.

Artica Tech is also able to provide technical support via our help desk.